Home security Margahayuland

Furthermore Jeffrey Law explains that Bosch has BIS and BVMS with integrated surveillance and security system in its class. All shocked and amazed how easy, practical, and intelligent BIS and BVMS able to combine all of the access control security devices, CCTV, public address up on the platform (with software). When BIS works as alarm management, BVMS act as video surveillance management with efficient management and IVA her. Home security systems Kata Mutiara Margahayuland

Customers still look so enthusiastic about the ability of the Bosch product capabilities, further introductions will IVA, Intelligent Video Analysis is able to demonstrate its ability to analyze objects have movement, changes in shape and size, direction, up to speed, all of that can be processed as a variable that reacts to the rules that have been programmed by the user, the alarm will sound.

Presentation slides are never enough, until Dapot Sitanggang provide product demonstrations in front of the guests, all pay attention to how an act as an intruder / intruders walking in restricted areas within a certain time, until the IVA gives a signal to the alarm management and alarm spur, the room filled with cheers in unison ovation from the audience.

Curiosity finally paid guest at lunch time. Session visiting booth looks so crowded by visitors who want to know how the security device capable of connecting to each other. And at that time the booth Bosch provides 4 Video Surveillance, IVA, Access Control and Public Address provided by partners who contributed their best, namely Jakarta Alarm, Multi Communication System, Danatel Primary, and Sensorlink Home security systems Kata Mutiara Margahayuland

At the end of the show, guests enjoy their coffee break, and Bosch held a spontaneous interview sessions to guests, one guest said that Bosch has provided a distinctive awareness of the importance of safety and security system in all sectors, and technologies demonstrated Bosch really special.